Abortion Rights. Democracy. It Starts in the States.

What a tough week.

The Freedom to Vote Act to protect voting rights is dead in Congress. The Supreme Court has kicked the Texas abortion law back to the Texas Supreme Court, which means it’s illegal for Texans to access an abortion, but it’s legal to sue anyone suspected of having or facilitating an abortion. 

Ahead of the November elections, it’s tempting to rush out and try to fix this all by winning big, expensive, elections to fix Washington, DC. This week is proof: we can’t bet on that.  

Yet there is a solution. It’s the states.

Our voting rights are being attacked in the states. Anti-abortion laws are being designed to destroy Roe v. Wade in the states.  

The smartest path to securing lasting protection for our rights, is working to elect state legislative majorities this November. 

That sense of chaos and frustration you’re feeling right now? Don’t give in to it. Because you can make an impact.

Changing who has real power is so close in the states: we are one seat away in both the Arizona House and the Senate, three seats away in Michigan, and only a few more in another half dozen states. Let’s not forget – if just 11,000 votes (out of 11 million!) would have shifted power in Texas, the abortion ban would have never become law. 

Change is within our reach, and that’s why we’ve already hit the ground, to give ourselves every opportunity to win the power we need to protect our future. 

We cannot do it without you. Join us where it matters most — in the states.