History was made in Virginia! House Flipped. Senate Defended. x


Everyone has a role to play in securing the future of our country. Whether you start or join a Giving Circle or donate to candidates via Give Smart, The States Project’s programs are designed to convert your interest in doing something into an enduring and effective impact on our democracy. Join us at the foundations of our democracy to elect state lawmakers who will have the governing power to improve millions of lives. 

If you want to fix our country, work with us in the states.

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Change begins when you engage your friends and family to elect majority-making candidates who will shift the balance of power in a state legislature. You will learn how our country works, while creating your very own community that impacts the country and improves lives. And we support you every step of the way.

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Not yet ready to start your circle, but want to push majority-making candidates over the finish line? Turn online donations into strategic investments that boost majority-making candidates when they need it most.