State lawmakers drive every issue that impacts our daily lives.

At The States Project, we see our electoral work and our policy work as two halves of a virtuous cycle to build power for state lawmakers who will defend our democracy, safeguard our individual freedoms, and improve lives.


How TSP’s electoral work makes state legislative campaigns more impactful:

We focus on the districts with the thinnest margins.

We supercharge campaigns to secure vulnerable incumbents and flip competitive seats — that’s how we build and gain power.

We use data to drive campaign innovations.

Candidate doorknocking. Earned media. Testing every ad headed for broadcast tv. Our data-driven approach to these core tactics is game-changing at the state level.

We only invest where we can build power.

We’re laser-focused on building majorities in state legislatures and only invest in the states where we see a path to shift power and improve lives.


How TSP’s policy work supports lawmakers to advance policy that improves lives:

Align on policies that are popular, economical, and improve lives.

Even before they are in a majority, our workshops help prepare lawmakers to govern effectively and to identify and work towards advancing policies that will make a measurable difference for the people they serve.

Equip lawmakers with the tools to govern effectively.

We offer cross-state connections for lawmakers to learn from each other, model policies that will help achieve broadly popular goals and measurable targets, and a framework to help them assess policy priorities and impact.

Train lawmakers to communicate about their work.

We train state lawmakers on how to effectively communicate about their policy priorities and how they are improving the lives of the people they serve.

It’s pretty simple: In a democracy, lawmakers who deliver for their constituents and communicate about their work in authentic, compelling ways are more likely to win and maintain governing power. When lawmakers who believe in prioritizing the needs of their constituents over special interests have governing power, our democracy is stronger.

Building power in state legislatures to advance policies that improve lives is how we secure the future of our country. And this is work that’s impossible to do alone. We point people and dollars that would otherwise not focus on state legislatures to an area of government that is often forgotten, but where in today’s politics, we can have the biggest impact. Because everything we care about is decided in the states.

If you want to fix our country, work with us in the states.

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