Our Goals for America


Our goal is not just to win elections for winning sake.

It’s to achieve the American Promise that all people are created equal with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and that government is formed by the people to secure those rights. Achieving this promise guides every facet of our work to build governing power and provide tools for state lawmakers working to improve the daily lives of the people they serve. By securing effective government, personal freedom, fair markets, and representative democracy we can achieve the following ambitious, measurable goals in all 50 states for all Americans.

Americans are trying to make ends meet. While narrow special interests drive up prices, more jobs with better pay help reduce households’ financial squeeze. State lawmakers can set goals to create long-term stability for workers and the economy:

  • 100% of jobs pay a livable wage for all job seekers
  • Paid family, vacation, and sick leave for 100% of jobs
  • Protect labor rights and increase worker representation

No one should have to choose between paying for healthcare and paying rent or buying groceries. Yet too many Americans cannot afford preventative care or the medical treatment they need – state lawmakers can take this on by working toward:

  • Universal, affordable health coverage with a cap on out-of-pocket expenses
  • Life expectancy of at least 84 years
  • Ending hunger for 100% of households

When state lawmakers prioritize children’s success, it helps everyone –  kids and parents, the present and the future, taxpayers and families. State lawmakers can support our children and families with:

  • 100% completion of quality K-12 education
  • A path to higher education, including technical training, without debt for 100% of children
  • Early childhood education and services for 100% of children

Representative democracy is the best form of government. When narrow special interests override people’s rights and freedoms, faith in democracy is undermined. Our democracy is only as strong as our ability to actively participate in it, and believe that our participation matters. State lawmakers can protect our democracy by securing:

  • At least 70% voter participation and fair legislative districts
  • Limits on corporate special interest spending in politics
  • Personal control for everyone over their private online data

Equal opportunity is a core American value – every person must have the right to the pursuit of happiness. When opportunity is limited for some, everyone’s health, pocketbooks, and freedom suffer. State lawmakers can ensure that every American has the chance to achieve a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future by working toward:

  • Equal pay for equal work regardless of gender or race
  • Public safety and equal treatment in the justice system for all
  • Ending discrimination in jobs, housing, healthcare, and education

Natural disasters and eroding infrastructure are a huge burden on families and communities, from longer commutes to increasingly destructive storms, floods, and fires. State lawmakers can improve infrastructure and cut costs for families with:

  • 100% of roads, bridges, railways, airports, seaports, levees, and dams in good repair
  • Plans to make every community resilient against natural disasters
  • Enhanced scientific research and technological capabilities

The cost of dirty air and water is too high — in dollars and, ultimately, lives. Clean air, water, and energy save lives, dollars, and good jobs. State lawmakers can protect the water we drink and the air we breathe with clear goals:

  • Accelerate increased investment in clean, safe energy
  • Clean air and water for every community
  • Big polluters pay 100% of damages from pollution


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