Podcast: State Politics with Left Reckoning

State lawmakers decide every issue that impacts our daily lives, and state legislative elections happening this November will impact the future of abortion access, free and fair elections, and more. Our Director of Research, Aaron Kleinman, joined Left Reckoning to explain how you can impact these key races.

Read a snippet of the conversation or listen to the full episode below!

Matt Lech, Co-host of Left Reckoning: Is election integrity more of a focus than the abortion issue as far as the priorities in state legislatures? Are these two different issues?

Aaron Kleinman, The States Project: Protecting the right to choose and the right to choose our elected representatives are intertwined. At their core, they’re both about personal freedom and we’re up against rightwing extremists who are attacking these freedoms. If we want to win this fight, it’s imperative for voters to understand that their freedoms are being threatened in rightwing state capitols. The States Project backs candidates we know will support the freedom to make your own healthcare choices and who will protect free and fair elections.

David Griscom, Co-host of Left Reckoning: In your seat as you’re watching the country, how are you feeling about the November elections, especially state legislative races that may not get as much attention as races at the top of the ticket?
Aaron Kleinman, The States Project: The unfortunate fact is that Roe was overturned and Dobbs is now the law of the land. But that has energized a lot of people who weren’t previously as invested in state elections. People are seeing in real-time how much of their lives are governed not from DC but from their state capitol. It’s heartening to see that people have been receptive to our message that states really do matter.