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Democrats: 36
Republicans: 64
Democrats: 16
Republicans: 34

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The States Project’s endorsement was important because it came with financial support and additional resources. I thought TSP was great to work with, and I had good lines of communication with the staff. It felt like a partnership.
Iowa State Representative Eric Gjerde, HD-74

2020 was The States Project’s first election in Iowa. The top of the ticket went resoundingly for Donald Trump and Senator Joni Ernst, which deeply impacted candidates down-ballot. While one candidate we supported successfully flipped a seat, a number of other candidates outperformed Biden or Ernst, but came up short.

In a year with record turnout, however, on average Iowa’s Democratic state legislative candidates in competitive districts outperformed Biden in Iowa by almost 5 percent, an impressive feat, given that candidates in state legislative races often do not have the same name recognition as candidates at the top of the ticket.

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  • A candidate we supported, who previously lost to an incumbent two years ago, flipped their seat to join the Iowa House of Representatives.
  • While candidates we supported outperformed Democrats overall in contested races by about 1 percent, there was one major over-performer, coming within 1 percent in a district that Biden lost by more than 20 percent.