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Democrats: 39
Republicans: 86

Current state:


The States Project’s endorsement helped me raise money for this very competitive campaign. It was nice to feel that finally, there is a network for candidates who are aligned with the people vs. the far-right special interest groups.
Senator Cindy Holscher

To break the supermajority in either chamber and protect Governor Laura Kelly’s vetoes would have required netting three seats in the State Senate or two in the State House. In The States Project’s first election in Kansas, TSP-endorsees flipped two seats in each chamber. However, incumbents in Trump districts losing meant that the supermajorities held.

In the State House, fewer than 1,000 votes decided every single seat where TSP endorsed. Our work flipping seats and holding ground has made inroads for future cycles.

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  • In the State Senate, TSP endorsees Jeff Pittman and Cindy Holscher flipped seats to become Senators. While in the House TSP endorsees Jo Ella Hoye and Mari-Lynn Poskin both flipped their seats.
  • TSP-endorsee Jeff Pittman did 10 points better than Biden in his district in the Kansas City suburbs, knocking off an incumbent in a district that Trump carried by more than 3%.