Democrats: 56
Republicans: 54
Democrats: 20
Republicans: 18

Current state:


The States Project’s unparalleled investment in Michigan is what gave us the edge we needed to build our first trifecta in nearly 40 years. With this new level of control, we’ve already enacted critical, life-improving policies that serve all Michiganders like lowering taxes, safeguarding LGBTQ+ rights, and fostering good jobs by funding apprenticeships."
Michigan State House Speaker Joe Tate, HD-10

New Michigan maps created clearer paths to ending unchecked rightwing control, and after working in the state for two years, The States Project seized the opportunity to go after shifting power in the state.  Rightwing majorities were held by just two seats in the Michigan House and three seats in the Senate. 

Thanks to our Giving Circles, we hit the ground early in 2021 for the best possible chance of success and gained three seats in the House and four in the Senate, for two outright majorities!

We powered a Democratic trifecta in Michigan for the first time since 1983! Good jobs, clean air and water, protecting democracy and reproductive freedom — Michigan’s new majorities can now move forward on the policies that can improve Michiganders’ lives. 

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  • Michigan was one of the states where rightwing majority state lawmakers were flown to the Oval Office to be persuaded to overturn the 2020 election for Donald Trump. We knew protecting our democracy could come down to who holds power in the Michigan state chambers.
  • We helped our in-state partners stay in the fight for chamber control in both chambers, even when it felt impossible.  
  • In the House, we gained a new majority by netting three new seats. In the Senate we gained a new majority by netting four seats.

Special Election

In May 2022, The States Project helped Carol Glanville win State House District 74 in a Michigan House Special Election — we believed that protecting HD-74 in a special election would be easier than trying to take it from the rightwing in a general election. That reduced the number of seats needed to shift power in the State House from three to two.


  • Candidates The States Project supported won eight seats in the Michigan House, including six incumbents and two new seats. Two incumbent losses in seats that Trump carried meant that there was no change in the balance of power in the House.


  • Six TSP-supported candidates flipped their seats to join the Michigan House of Representatives.