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Democrats: 33
Republicans: 67
Democrats: 19
Republicans: 31

Current state:


I was honored to receive the endorsement of The States Project. Your organization was incredibly helpful in fundraising for my campaign, which allowed me to spend more time talking to voters. You went above and beyond what I ever expected from an endorsement. As an overwhelmed first-time candidate, you gave me an opportunity to hone in on voter contact -- which is the most important part of campaigning -- instead of worrying about asking people to donate to my campaign during a global pandemic.
Krystal Steinmetz, 2020 candidate for Montana HD-28

The average Montana House district has just 6,000 voters, and the results in these small margin Montana districts were disappointing. While we did not pick up any seats, six of our endorsees lost by razor-thin margins.

We see opportunities in those narrow losses, especially in a future year when it’s safe to knock on doors and connect with voters again face-to-face. Some of the candidates we supported see opportunities as well, and have already indicated that they will be running again.

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  • Seven TSP-endorsed women candidates—Barbara Bessette, Helena Lovick, Krystal Steinmetz, Jade Bahr, Anne Giuliano, Loni Conley, and Margie McDonald—had their races determined by about 300 votes; fewer than the number of votes that an aggressive candidate door-knocking program can overcome.