NE Legislature
Democrats: 17
Republicans: 32

Current state:


One of the reasons I actually stepped into elected office is because I knew that systems only change by the people making the decisions — when they make different decisions and think differently about what’s possible. We need more of that in government. That’s why I’ve been really happy and fortunate to be part of The States Project.”
Nebraska State Senator Tony Vargas, Nebraska LD-7

The Opportunity

Nebraska has five electoral votes; two are assigned to the winner of the statewide vote and one to the winner of each of the state’s three congressional districts. In 2020, this unusual allocation of electoral votes meant that Nebraska voters gave their Second Congressional District vote to President Biden. This vote is now in the crosshairs of the radical rightwing.

Currently, one-third of the legislature can block emergency policies — such as attempting to reallocate electoral votes after the election — from being enacted. Pro-democracy lawmakers in Nebraska cannot afford to lose a single seat this November, as the 17 seats they hold can prevent a supermajority that could protect the right of Nebraska voters to award a critical electoral vote in 2024.

The Stakes

Without a supermajority in Nebraska’s sole legislative chamber (the only one in the country!), the minority has two critical tools to protect Nebraskans:

  • Because Nebraska’s constitution requires a supermajority to pass any policy that takes effect immediately, the minority can prevent anti-democratic lawmakers from overriding their own voters after the election to change the awarding of their electoral votes in an attempt to undemocratically select the winner of the presidential election. Every electoral vote is crucial in a close presidential election, which is why a rightwing senator has already introduced a bill that would change how electoral votes are allocated.
  • One-third of lawmakers can block a bill from being voted on, giving the minority the power to avert some of the worst rightwing bills from becoming law, including the prevention of a six-week abortion ban — a cruel overreach by the rightwing majority — from becoming law in Nebraska.

The Landscape

Protecting vulnerable incumbents is our main priority in Nebraska this year:

  • With half of the legislature up for election in 2022, the minority’s current 17 seats are right at the threshold — one-third of the lawmakers in the legislature — to block emergency policies from being enacted.
  • But there is no margin for error. The minority is only one seat away from losing its power, which would give the rightwing a supermajority and unchecked power in the legislature.

New electoral maps give us a chance at avoiding a supermajority, which could protect our democracy by blocking an attempt to steal the presidential election in 2024.

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