North Carolina

Democrats: 49
Republicans: 71
Democrats: 22
Republicans: 30

Current state:


I wouldn’t be sitting here if it had not been for Giving Circles. The power of grassroots organizing and grassroots giving is transformational.
North Carolina State Representative Ricky Hurtado

The Opportunity

In 2018, The States Project helped to break the supermajority in the North Carolina House and we’re proud to have helped to prevent supermajorities in both the House and Senate in 2020.

In 2022, we’re headed back to North Carolina to prevent a supermajority and safeguard Governor Cooper’s veto ability to protect North Carolinians from radical rightwing policies.

The Stakes

North Carolina’s rightwing majorities are among the most extreme in the country. Over the past couple of years Governor Cooper’s pen has been a critical defense against their radical agenda from becoming law in the state:

    • Preventing mail-in ballots from being counted if received after Election Day. Vote by mail has become increasingly important in the wake of COVID-19; more than 1,000,000 voters in North Carolina cast absentee ballots in 2020. If enacted this bill could prevent thousands of ballots from being counted in future elections.
    • Attacking body autonomy and the doctor-patient relationship. In a clear assault on fundamental human rights the Legislature passed an abortion law that would infringe on the privacy between a doctor and their patient.

The Landscape

In both chambers Republicans can win supermajorities by flipping seats that only narrowly went to Biden, gaining the governing power to bypass Governor Cooper with their rightwing agenda. We need to stop them.

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  • TSP endorsees Representatives Brian Farkas and Ricky Hurtado flipped two districts in the House to keep the supermajority out of reach of the radical right by just three seats.
  • Incumbent TSP endorsed Representatives Rachel Hunt, Brandon Lofton, Wesley Harris, Kandie Smith, James Gailliard, Terence Everitt, Julie von Haefen, and Ashton Clemmons were re-elected to Raleigh by margins as narrow as 5%.
  • In the Senate, TSP endorsees clean air advocate Senator DeAndrea Salvador and nonprofit leader Senator Sarah Crawford also flipped their seats. They added a seat for the minority and prevented a supermajority in the Senate by just two seats.
  • TSP endorsees lost by narrow margins. All but one of our candidates for the State House came within about six percentage points of winning their seats.


  • In TSP’s first election in North Carolina, we helped to break the supermajority in the House of Representatives to help provide Governor Roy Cooper with an effective veto.
  • The House minority gained 9 seats as 12 TSP-endorsees were elected to the chamber .