Democrats: 48
Republicans: 52
Democrats: 21
Republicans: 19

Current state:


The States Project has been an amazing partner over the past three years. This year, they helped with messaging, direction, and insight from other candidates and legislators running in similar races. I have definitely benefited from the friendship, endorsement, and partnership. Thank you!
Virginia Delegate Joshua Cole (2019 and 2021 States Project Endorsee)

Powered by 29 Giving Circles and Give Smart, we raised nearly $1 million dollars to help hold the Virginia House majority but came up just short:  400 votes across 3 seats. 

Based on election day results our endorsed candidates performed one percent better than nonendorsees — in the races with the closest margins — relative to the top of the ticket. Six of our eight incumbents actually outperformed the top of the ticket; 2021 was the first time Democratic House of Delegates candidates outperformed the gubernatorial candidate since 1997.

If we had not been in Virginia, hyper-focused on holding the House and working to help our candidates run strong campaigns, the results would not have been this close.


To help lay the groundwork for change in states like Virginia now!


  • We came within 400 votes across three districts of winning the House majority.
  • Three of our endorsees won their seats, Delegates Elizabeth Guzman, Wendy Gooditis, and Schulyer VanValkenburg. 
  • Five of our other endorsees, Delegates Alex Askew, Josh Cole, Roslyn Tyler, and Nancy Guy, as well as Debra Gardner, lost by margins of 5 percent or less.
  • A pending lawsuit to force Virginia to hold House of Delegates elections with new lines that adequately reflect the population shifts over the previous decade could very well mean State Legislative elections in Virginia in 2022. If that happens, we will be there to help regain the majority.

Special Election

In early 2021, our Giving Circles community powered a victory for Delegate Candi King in a special election. With the election held just weeks after a contentious 2020 election season, we saw how tight this seat could be due to low turnout. Delegate King won by 263 votes, just three percent of the vote. 

In the general election in November, Delegate King was able to safely hold her seat by a margin of more than 3800 votes—proving the value of providing support when it matters most.


In 2019, The States Project’s electoral effort helped to flip the Virginia House creating a new majority of Virginia lawmakers who passed policy after policy to improve lives.

  • Eleven endorsees won their seats, including three challengers who flipped seats to shift the balance of power in the state.
  • Four of the five top doorknockers in Virginia participated in The States Project Door Knocking Challenge. In total, all of our participants knocked on over 30,000 doors. On average, candidates in the challenge knocked on 2,000 more doors than candidates who weren’t!
  • We supported the eight incumbents we had endorsed in 2017 who were running for re-election. Half of these races ended up being close (within 10%), and with our support, our re-endorsed incumbents performed as well as they had in 2017 despite a tougher electorate.