Democrats: 35
Republicans: 64
Democrats: 11
Republicans: 21
Vacancy: 1

Current state:


In a world where partisan divides are deep and seemingly anything can be justified as long as it results in retaining power, handing authority to partisan politicians to determine if election fraud exists would be the end of our republic as we know it.”
Former Wisconsin GOP leader Rep. Jim Steineke

In the 2022 midterms, the rightwing depended on gerrymandered maps and voter suppression laws upheld by rightwing state legislative majorities to help secure power in Wisconsin.

With help from our network and Vote Save America, our goal for 2022 in Wisconsin was to prevent a supermajority in the Wisconsin Assembly to preserve Governor Tony Evers’ veto power. 

By providing support down the stretch, we prevented a rightwing supermajority with an extreme anti-democracy agenda by just 1,249 voters.  

Special Elections

Flipping Senate District 8 would stop a veto-proof majority in the chamber. But the stakes are even higher than breaking a supermajority.

Dollars are pouring in for another special election, a State Supreme Court race that could break the Court’s current rightwing majority. But regardless of the results of that election, a supermajority in the Senate could impeach and remove a Justice from the Supreme Court.

The bottom line? Flipping this crucial Senate seat could very well protect a new majority in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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  • Even in 2022, Republican legislators continue attempts to decertify the rightful 2020 Presidential election results, with election deniers running for state legislative seats and more pro-democracy Republicans, including Majority Leader Jim Steineke, resigning from office.
  • The States Project and our partners at Vote Save America teamed up to prevent a supermajority in the Wisconsin Assembly. 
  • The rightwing needed five seats, and they only gained three — we helped to stop them from getting to the supermajority threshold and protected Governor Evers’ veto. 


  • The States Project’s 2020 electoral work in Wisconsin helped relieve the pressures of an expanding field and enabled the minority in the Assembly to gain their largest number of seats since the gerrymander was enacted after the 2010 Tea Party wave.
  • We had two narrow losses, with TSP-supported candidates losing by margins under six percent.