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Supercharge Your Activism


The right to vote. Choice. LGBTQ+ rights. Schools.

Why are we seeing attacks on these fundamentals of democracy during a Biden presidency?

Because these attacks aren’t happening at the federal level in DC. They’re happening in state capitals, where current governing majorities are attacking our right to vote and keeping women from making decisions about their own healthcare.

State legislatures are the most critical source of power in this country because they enact the policies that most deeply impact our day-to-day lives. Look around the country at where harmful policies become law and then look at who holds the governing power in their state chambers.

It’s understandable to feel angry or frustrated. We are too.

But if you’re ready to channel your emotions into action, consider this: the best way to fight these laws is to help elect state lawmakers who will fight for the people who they represent instead of narrow special interests.

Through our Giving Circles program, we ensure that you’re equipped with the tools you need to help elect candidates who are working toward a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.

If you want to fix our country, work with us in the states.