The Power of a Single Seat

On May 16, in three separate states, we saw just how much a one-seat margin matters.

In Pennsylvania, we helped power Representative-elect Heather Boyd to win a critical special election, defending the one-seat House majority for the second time since we helped flip the chamber in November.

This session, that majority has:

  • Advanced broadly popular, common sense gun safety policies in a state that averages one mass shooting every 10 days
  • Prioritized more than 700,000 workers by working to protect their right to unionize and collectively demand better pay, benefits, and working conditions
  • Passed equal protection from discrimination in jobs, housing, and public services for nearly half a million LGBTQ+ Pennsylvanians

This victory means those lawmakers can continue their work to improve the lives of all Pennsylvanians.

In North Carolina, the rightwing harnessed their single seat supermajority to override Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban.

The ban will go into effect on July 1, forcing 2.4 million North Carolinians to seek care elsewhere — and leaving Virginia as the only Southern state where the rightwing hasn’t restricted abortion access since the fall of Roe.

And in Nebraska, where we helped stave off a rightwing supermajority in November by a single seat, that one seat wasn’t enough to stop them from inserting politics into decisions that should be between families and doctors — policies that could harm more than 1 million Nebraskans.

Each of these stories is proof that a single state legislative seat has the power to impact millions of lives — for better, or worse.

With margins this thin and stakes this high, we must work to build new governing power, and defend and deepen the thresholds we now hold. That’s why we haven’t stopped working since November, and why we need you in this fight right now.