The Road to 2022 Starts Now

State majorities mean governing power. As we look at the voter suppression bills making their way through state legislatures—more than 400 bills in 49 states as of July 14—we are keenly aware that rightwing majorities in the swing states can enact voter suppression into law. 

If our democracy dies, it will be in the states at the hands of these majorities. We are fighting against deeply entrenched narrow special interests that will not simply roll over and allow us to win. And this is why we cannot wait till 2022 to build the momentum needed to elect state lawmakers who will shift power in the states over to lawmakers who are invested in improving lives. 

Georgia. Arizona. Texas. Michigan. Iowa. Arkansas. These states and more are passing voter suppression bills, driven by radical right-controlled majorities who will work to hold power at all costs — even the cost of democracy itself.

Just a few short months ago, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said in a Washington Post op-ed that “Georgia’s voting system has never been more secure or trustworthy.” 

This did not prevent the rightwing trifecta in Georgia from enacting voter suppression laws masked as “voting security” that would: 

  • Limit the use of ballot drop boxes 
  • Make it illegal to provide food or water to voters in line
  • Give state lawmakers the ability to appoint local election boards

In a democracy voters choose their representatives. But the majority in Georgia has given itself the right to choose voters that would preserve its power in the 2022 midterm and gubernatorial elections and beyond. 

What can prevent these changes in the states from becoming permanent structures undermining our democracy? In a word, YOU.  

We know the news about these bills is dark and discouraging. We also know that we are concentrating on the very work that can change what happens in these state capitols and beyond. 

Electing state legislative majorities focused on improving lives instead of implementing the will of narrow special interests is the only way to safeguard our democracy. This is core to our mission at The States Project, and we work hand-in-hand with a community of extraordinary people to protect our democracy where it matters, in the States. 

The Road to 2022 starts now. Will you join us? 

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