The States Project Announces Top State Legislative Targets for the 2024 Cycle

The States Project (TSP), the leading effort focused on building governing majorities for state lawmakers that will defend our democracy, safeguard our personal freedoms, and improve lives, is announcing its list of priority chamber targets for the 2024 cycle.

In 2022, TSP helped deliver historic trifectas in Michigan and Minnesota’s state legislatures, flipped the Pennsylvania House and held ground in Arizona, Maine, Nevada, Nebraska, and New Hampshire. In 2024, TSP is doubling down on its efforts to defend the majorities we helped build in 2022, shift governing power to new majorities, and break, gain, and expand supermajorities.

“The targeted investments The States Project is making in 2024, paired with our evidence-based tactics and campaign innovation, will help us build on our historic midterm victories and create lasting governing power for lawmakers that will safeguard individual freedoms and improve the lives of millions of Americans,” said Adam Pritzker, Founding Partner of The States Project.

“The spotlight is on the presidential election, but there’s nothing more important to our future than the battle for control of state legislatures. That’s why there are no off years for The States Project. Our strategy is simple: invest in states where the power to defend democracy, protect individual rights, and improve lives is on the line, equipping candidates in tipping point seats with the data-driven campaign innovations we’ve proven are game-changing,” said Daniel Squadron, Founding Partner of The States Project.

The States Project’s top state legislative targets for the 2024 cycle includes:

Defend Majorities

Last cycle, TSP’s record investments helped fuel new legislative majorities for lawmakers who are advancing policies that improve the lives of millions of Americans. In 2024, we will work to defend the majorities we helped build in the following chambers:

  • Michigan House
  • Minnesota House
  • Pennsylvania House

Flip Control

Next year, we will work to break rightwing control and help shift governing power to new majorities in the following chambers:

  • Arizona House
  • Arizona Senate
  • New Hampshire House
  • New Hampshire Senate (get to a tie)
  • Pennsylvania Senate (get to a tie)

Break Supermajority

Last year, Kansans voted in favor of protecting abortion rights, sending a clear message to lawmakers who, in turn, advanced a series of extreme anti-abortion laws through both chambers, overriding Governor Kelly’s vetoes to pass these policies into law. To protect the governor’s veto against the rightwing’s extremist agenda, we are focused on breaking the supermajority in the following chamber:

  • Kansas House

Gain and Expand Supermajorities

The States Project worked in Nevada for the first time last year. While we successfully helped defend majorities in both state legislative chambers, voters narrowly elected a new rightwing governor. In 2024, we’re working to protect and build veto-proof, pro-democracy supermajorities in the following chambers, respectively:

  • Nevada Assembly (protect supermajority)
  • Nevada Senate (build supermajority)