What the January 6 Hearings are Actually About

The role of state legislatures in Donald Trump’s attempt to steal the presidency was laid out for us all in excruciating detail during the January 6th Committee hearing on June 21st.

We learned how state lawmakers were pressured by Trump’s legal team to ignore their own voters, ignore the constitution and the rule of law, bypass any semblance of ethics, and appoint electors for Trump.

As Daniel notes in the video above, if they had been successful in overtaking the electoral college it would have meant that our votes no longer mattered — it would have meant the end of our democracy.

Trump and his cronies have clearly signaled that they do not intend to lose the presidency in 2024. Since 2020 they have continued to lay the groundwork to ensure that rightwing state majorities have the power to appoint the electors they choose for president.

We cannot let that happen. Not when we can see so clearly what they intend to do, and know that if we can shift power in this election we will have the means to stop them.

It will not be easy, but we are talking about hundreds of votes in the districts with the narrowest margins, in states where less than five seats in a chamber will give our democracy a fighting chance.

We’re on the ground right now in the states where we see a path to shift or defend power in a legislative chamber this November.

Are you with us?