2022: By the Numbers

History. Made.

  • Nearly $60M invested in states this cycle.
    Including our electoral work, it was the largest investment in state legislatures by any outside effort in a single two-year period in U.S. history
  • 88 years since the party in the White House had not lost a single state legislative chamber
  • 9 states where The States Project was a top donor
  • 2 new trifectas1: Michigan and Minnesota
  • 7 chambers defended: 2 in Maine, 2 in Nevada, 2 in Colorado, 1 in Minnesota
  • 2 supermajorities prevented: Nebraska, Wisconsin
  • 2 Arizona chambers where we held ground to help protect our democracy
  • 12 states where our work will help protect rightful election results in 2024

Governing power is built in the toughest races.

Arizona: Ground Held!

  • 7 candidates we supported running in close districts defeated rightwing election deniers

Maine: Majorities Defended!

  • 9 House candidates won their races by fewer than 200 votes

Michigan: A New Trifecta!

  • 330 voters in one crucial district shifted governing control of the House

Minnesota: A New Trifecta!

  • 2 goals achieved: House majority held, and Senate majority won!

Nebraska: Supermajority Prevented!

  • 17 seats held to prevent a supermajority in Nebraska by just 41 voters

Nevada: Majorities Defended!

  • 2 seats gained to expand the Senate majority

New Hampshire: Ground Gained!

  • 21 seats gained, bringing the majority within 3 seats in 2024

Pennsylvania: New Governing Power!

  • 151,000 doors knocked by candidates in TSP-supported competitive seats

1 The same party in power in both state chambers and the Governor’s mansion.