A playbook for victory in 2024

This November, we proved what’s possible when we treat state legislative elections like the main event, not an afterthought. Together, our community brought our same battle-tested playbook that powered historic 2022 wins to Virginia. And together, we flipped the House and defended the Senate.

We set the bar in Virginia:

  • We powered $4.7M in data-backed tactics — more than double what any other national group did.
  • We started early, laying the groundwork and investing dollars in Virginia back in 2022 so that we could be smarter about the tactics and deeper in the races we fueled.
  • Over 90% of our dollars went to data-backed tactics proven to drive candidates to wins in state legislative elections.

Dollars. Data. Candidates laser-focused on their constituents. When it comes to state legislatures, we know how to win.

That’s because we’ve been testing these tactics to create an evidence-based playbook for these races for years — not relying on our gut or scraps of federal campaigns. In 2022, we saw that The States Project’s strategy can make a 6pp difference in the closest races. We replicated this core program in Virginia and saw the impact again last night.

But this is not mission accomplished. Power in state legislatures across the country is on the line in 2024.

We have the playbook. Now, we have to keep building the focus and resources we need to use it — year after year. Together we’ve created this momentum. Together we’re driving this movement in the states. We can’t stop now. Our democracy depends on it.