Updated at 9:00am ET on 12/7/22.

Together, we helped flip two new trifectas in Michigan and Minnesota, winning the House and Senate in both states. We helped defend Maine’s majorities in the House and Senate. And, incredibly, we’ve flipped the Pennsylvania House!

There can be no more significant validation of the work we do together in the states than these results that so clearly show our impact:


We won’t know whether the Alaska bipartisan coalition will be rebuilt until 2023, when state lawmakers negotiate around the all-important chamber vote for Speaker of the House.


In both the Senate and the House we have successfully held ground! This means we have successfully given democracy a fighting shot in Arizona – keeping just a one seat margin means that a coalition to protect the will of the voters is within reach.

Highlights from the Senate:

  • Our community mobilized quickly to support Senator-elect Dr. Eva Diaz, who launched a write-in campaign for LD-22. She ran for this critical seat after the winner of the Democratic primary unexpectedly dropped out of the race to take a lobbying job. 
  • The States Project community rallied to support her campaign, powering her to victory and holding a critical seat for this majority.

These are candidates voters have elected to represent them so far:


Democrats successfully defended majorities in both the House and Senate, preserving a pro-democracy trifecta with the re-election of Gov. Jared Polis. TSP partnered with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee to make investments here down the stretch.


We successfully protected both the Senate and House majorities, preserving a critical pro-democracy trifecta and defending governing power that has improved millions of lives since we first helped to flip the Senate in 2018.

Highlights from the Senate:

  • With 94% of results reported, it appears that fifth-generation logger and Senate President Troy Jackson has held tossup seat SD 1 by 608 votes!


As the top funder for the Senate and the House – we powered a Democratic trifecta in Michigan for the first time since 1983! Champions of good jobs, protecting democracy, and reproductive freedom, the new majorities are poised to start making progress on the issues Michiganders care about most.

We gained three seats in the House and four in the Senate, for two outright majorities!


This legislature was the rightwing’s best opportunity to flip a chamber and achieve unified control. Instead of giving in to despair, our investment and tactics helped to hold the House and flip the Senate, creating a new, unlikely trifecta. With Governor Walz’s re-election, these new majorities can get to work improving lives.

To defend the Minnesota House we held every seat (we could only afford to lose two!), and in the Senate, we gained the three seats we needed to win the chamber.

Highlights from the Senate:

  • Senator-elect Judy Seeberger won SD-41, an R leaning district, by just 321 votes.

Highlights from the House:

  • We won the three seats to secure the majority by about 1,000 votes. The tying seat, new district HD-48B, was held by Representative-elect Lucy Rehm.  It was decided by about 400 votes.


Vote counts are tight. Preventing a supermajority is still possible.


The States Project helped to defend both chambers!


The House could still flip – a goal we were hoping to achieve by 2024. There are 7 races in New Hampshire that are within 10 votes. The margins in the House are extremely close, and we are headed into recounts for some seats that lost by five votes or less! Stay tuned and help fuel recount efforts here.


In the North Carolina House, we helped prevent a supermajority by under 500 votes! This impact will safeguard Governor Cooper’s veto power to protect North Carolinians from the rightwing’s most extreme policies.

Highlights from the House:

  • Diamond Staton-Williams, a Give Smart recipient, won HD-73, the tipping point seat that would determine whether or not we prevented a supermajority, by just 425 votes!


We’ve flipped the House! We were the only group to seriously invest in flipping the PA House. We flipped 12 seats to secure the new majority that will protect democracy and improve lives.

Highlights from the House:

  • Three House candidates, Representative-elects Dr. Arvind Venkat, Mandy Steele, and Paul Takac won their tossup seats, outperforming both President Biden’s 2020 results and Senator-elect John Fetterman. They were all also top performers in The States Project’s Door Knocking Challenge!
  • Altogether, House Democrats knocked 1,000,000 doors — this number includes volunteers, staff, and candidates — but candidates laid the early groundwork, so that when staff and volunteers knocked the same doors, it was not the first time that voters’ doors were knocked.


Governor Evers’ veto power was preserved!  By providing support down the stretch, we prevented a rightwing supermajority with an extreme anti-democracy agenda  — an outcome that was decided by just 2,499 votes across two districts!