Our First 2022 State Announcements

We have BIG news to share! We’re diving in to these five states to flip and defend these critical chambers in 2022:  

  • Arizona: Where we are just one seat away from power in both the Senate and the House
  • Michigan: Where just three seats in each chamber would mean new majorities
  • Minnesota: Where there is an opportunity for a trifecta focused on improving lives
  • Pennsylvania: Where fairer maps can put both chambers within striking distance 
  • Maine: Where we will protect close majorities from the radical rightwing

State legislative majorities are the lynchpin in the radical rightwing’s goal to steal the presidency in 2024. We believe that these five states are some of the best opportunities to flip, defend, or build governing power to improve lives. But to elect winning majorities in these states, we must start now. 

That’s why we’ve already hit the ground running in these five initial states, working to build early — from strategy to staffing — and identifying key partners and grassroots efforts in the districts we’ve identified as majority-making. 

This work cannot happen without you. 

  • Be a leader for change in our Giving Circles program and raise early dollars to power game-changing candidates into governing majorities. You, yes YOU, can do it.
  • Donate now to lay the groundwork for winning governing power in 2022.