State Majorities Improve Lives At Record Pace

“As national lawmakers are stuck in a stalemate, newly elected Democratic majorities at the state level are delivering on key priorities with unprecedented speed.”

— Adam Pritzker, Founding Partner, The States Project

As Adam told Axios in an article showcasing new data from The States Project, we should treat state legislatures “like the top priority that they are.”

State lawmakers in the pro-democracy majorities we helped build in Michigan and Minnesota last November are not just enacting critical policies, they’re doing so at a rapid pace.

As Axios’ Alexi McCammond noted on MSNBC yesterday, lawmakers in new majorities in Michigan and Minnesota have each passed more policies in the first month of their sessions than prior majorities have by the same time over the past six sessions combined.

This is why we work to win majority power. So that people’s lives are improved when state lawmakers enact policies like investments that can create good jobs, cutting taxes for retirees, protecting reproductive health and gun violence prevention.

You started this journey with us because you believe that when we build majorities in the states, we are investing in defending our democracy, protecting our personal freedoms, and improving lives. We’re seeing that vision come to life right now with these new majorities and we couldn’t be prouder or more excited to share this with you.

As we begin to look toward protecting these majorities in 2024, we will need you to keep believing with us that the changes we seek to build the future we want starts in the states.