It’s official. Join us in Virginia this November!

It’s official. It’s time to join us in Virginia this year. State legislative races in Virginia this November could either set the stage for a trifecta committed to improving lives by 2025 or a rightwing trifecta after the election.

The rightwing is two seats away from the majority in the Virginia State Senate. In the State House, they hold the majority by two seats. With both chambers up for election this year, these narrow margins present two completely different paths for the state.

Safe, legal abortions in a Southern state. Voting rights. Clean air and water. Funding for public education amidst a teacher shortage crisis. Governing control in both Virginia chambers would give state lawmakers the power to shape these critical issues.

This is why we’ve already started the work in Virginia.

In January, we powered a new victory in a special election to expand the majority in the Senate before the general election in November. Winning the seat widened the chamber majority to 22-18, giving us more of a cushion to prevent Governor Youngkin’s radical agenda in the state legislature until the election.

This November, we’re focused on ensuring that state lawmakers in Virginia’s majorities are committed to safeguarding democracy, defending personal freedoms, and improving Virginians’ lives.